Brilliant Smart Lighting 9W Trilogy Downlight

Brilliant Smart Lighting 9W Trilogy Downlight


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Easy tuneable colour temperature (3000K warm white to 5000K natural).
Must be installed by a licensed electrician.
Cut out: 90mm.
1m flex and plug included.
Dimmable only via app or voice control through Amazon Alexa® or Google Home®
Create schedules & timing to automate your home.
Control from anywhere via app or voice control using Alexa hubs or Google Home devices.
Works with any 2.4GHz enabled WiFi router, within a 30m maximum range of your WiFi router (note: will not currently pair with 5.0GHz bandwidth.)
Automate your day by setting timers and scheduling your appliances and devices to turn on or off.
Control your Smart Trilogy individually or as a group with our FREE BrilliantSmart App.
Does not need a hub to connect to, as the Brilliant Smart Lighting range all run without an external hub, meaning you just plug them in and connect them up without any more messing around!

What can you do with Smart Lights?

Brilliant's Smart Lighting lets you take charge of your home, making everything controllable at the touch of a button. You can set timers, automate the boring stuff, and even save on energy all with a Smart Lighting system. For example, you can set the lights in your room to slowly get brighter just before you wake up, waking you up more naturally, or have your lights turn on as you drive in the driveway if it's late at night. Being compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home also means that you can tell your house to do what you want, when you want! Some examples could be saying something along the lines of "Get the kids ready for bed", which could dim their lights in preparation for bed, or "Turn on movie mode", changing your lighting to a soft, low light to watch movies by! The possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see what you achieve with your Smart Lighting System!

Product Code: 20695/05
Working voltage: 240VAC
Wattage: 9W
Lumens @3000K: 700lm
Lumens @4000K: 750lm
Lumens @5000K: 750lm
IP Rating: IP44 (Front only)
Flex Plug: 2-pin, 1m length
Security: Mac Encryption; WEP /WAPI/TKIP/AES
WiFi Standard: 11b/g/n
Warranty: 5 year
Can be covered with thermal insulation and abutted against normally flammable materials. (IC-4)

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