BDL 3-in-1 heater, fan and light stainless steel face 4 heat light


  • $89.95

The BDL 3-in-1 is perfect for your bathroom, no matter if you need light, heat or a fan. With 4 heat lamps, you get instant heat, and the included 4 gang switch lets you choose between 2 or 4 of the lamps at a time.


The cut out for the unit is 290mm x 290mm



Power: 1,050-1,225W

Current: 5.2A

Air volume: 228m³/h

Noise: 56dB

Speed: 8.1m/s

Ceiling cut out: 290mm x 290mm

Heat lamps: 4 x 275W (max)

Centre lamp: 11w R63 globe